Innovation and quality

The experience of 40 years as a manufacturer of brushes and accessories in natural wood and rubber allows us to develop and create innovative and quality products.

With Plus Smile we have achieved the goal of creating an eco-friendly and 100% plastic free toothbrush. Made in Europe, only with biodegradable and ecological materials, through an eco-sustainable production.

With antibacterial rubber + antibacterial vegetable bristles to provide maximum hygiene in daily tooth brushing and at the same time, with a soft and pleasant contact with the mouth, teeth and gums.

For you and for the planet

The Plus Smile toothbrush is totally ecological and environmentally friendly. Both the materials used and the containers and packaging are recyclable to minimize CO2 emissions and avoid contributing to climate change.

Our product is designed for all people who are aware of the use of 100% eco-sustainable products but which at the same time they are looking for quality products.

Plus Smile does not use raw materials of animal origin, so it is suitable for vegans.

Your responsible purchase

1 billion plastic toothbrushes are used and thrown away for a total of 300 billion kg of plastic.

Plastic pollution is a theme that affects the air, soil, rivers, lakes and oceans. Without forgetting the effect this has on the lives of animals and ours.

Recent studies have confirmed that plastic dispersed in the environment is ingested by animals that are part of our food chain, so we can say that microplastics are already present in our food chain.